Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Painful quotes

...because what we had in a number of our early staff members was an inability to be responsible, which meant also an inability to define one's own character, to form an integrated concept of one's place in the school or in the world, a difficulty in formulating one's own individual makings. I think it is very closely related to a need for personal friendships as a means of shoring up the individual concerned, a means of filling the vacuum created by his lack of self-esteem and lack of well defined character. What such an individual is looking for... is other people's intimate intrusion upon himself, other people's getting into him and becoming part of him.

... I'm not saying that whole people are incapable of interpersonal relations... they don't hungrily seek them out at every turn as a substitute for their own undeveloped personality...

Daniel Greenberg, «Announcing a New School» (emphasis mine)

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