Saturday, October 6, 2007

Claymore Extra Scene 4

Yippee! Claymore Extra Scene 4 is out. As usual, the Chinese got it scanned and online first[1], or so I gather. It's not even half bad. Now it's until November 2 when hopefully we'll get Chapter 74.
A pity the anime directors decided to modify the plot so much in the final episodes (and that fight amidst lava looked so cheap after Star Wars III...) There's no way they can go back to the manga now for the second season which their half-assed ending seems to suggest. Besides, in action manga it seems that the normal rate is 3 chapters per episode (with non-action manga it's more like 1 chapter per episode), so they'd have to accumulate 3 years worth of monthly instalments of the manga to get enough material for even a 13-episode season. Business, meh.

[1] Claymore Extra Scene 4 – link is for informative purposes only.

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